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We are all proud of our heritage in supporting Charities and Community organisations via the GHRL Chosen Charity ‘giving’ campaign, since 2004.  Given we receive so much in terms of customer and team support and loyalty, we believe it’s only right we give back into the communities in which we live and work, for the benefit of those who don’t have the same opportunities in life and in business that we enjoy. GHRL selects, supports and donates to one charity or community organisation every year.   We are always pleased to learn of new opportunities to support, and welcome contact from charities and community groups across Scotland.


Our chosen charity for 2017 - the Diabetes Team at NHS Highland

To mark having Type 1 Diabetes for over 40 years, Jeff Foot from Easter Ross decided last year to raise money by cycling 500 miles around the Highlands over the summer. He’s raised over £3100 so far, to buy flash blood glucose monitors and CGMs for other people with diabetes to borrow, so they can learn how to manage their diabetes better while being active.  Jeff put information on social media about how his CGM helped him manage his diabetes on his bike rides, avoiding hypos before they happened.   NHS Highland Diabetes team will soon have some Libres and Dexcom CGMs available to lend, and their newsletter includes information on how you can ask for one if you’re interested. 

Read Jeff’s story and find more information at:
Q1 What difference has using an insulin pump made to your life? 
Switching from injections to using a pump has helped me manage my diabetes better, avoiding hypos at night, enabling me to do sports more easily, giving me more flexibility over what I eat and when.  As a result, I have reduced the amount of insulin I use, got fitter, eat less, have fewer hypos, and overall feel much better than before.  The well-being is not just physical either - the changes to my lifestyle have led to me sleeping better and having fewer swings of mood, which is good for me but also those around me!
Q2 Why is it important that people with diabetes have access to technology?
Diabetes is really hard to live with because there are so many things to take into account when you try to manage it for as normal a life as possible.  Research has suggested a person with diabetes takes about 100 more decisions every day than somebody without the condition, so anything which can reduce the number of decisions or make them easier to take is good.  Technology can often help by doing some of the “number-crunching” where routine processes have to be followed but where human error could result in serious consequences, for example if too much insulin was given because the person with diabetes was tired and got the sums wrong. So, by reducing the risks people with diabetes live with, technology improves their quality of life, helps them manage their condition better, and as a result helps reduce long term complications or emergency situations needing costly public healthcare support.



Jeff Foot underneath Stac Pollaidh
after a circuit of the Coigach area.



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